Characteristics Memos E-mail: Messages
Destination Internal: correspondence written to coworkers within a company Internal and external: correspondence written to friends and acquaintances, coworkers within a company, and clients and vendors.
Format Identification lines: Date, To, From, Subject. Options include cc (complimentary copy), Ref (reference), and distribution (other recipients of the memo). Identification lines: To and subject. The Date and From is computer generated. Options include cc (complimentary copy), Ref (reference), and Distribution (other recipients of the e-mail message).
Audience Generally specialist and semi specialist within the company. Multiple readers due to the internal and external nature of e-mail.
Topics Company related, allowing for abbreviations and acronyms due to well informed audience. A wide range of diverse topics determined by the audience.
Tone Determined by audience: can be informal when written to coworkers; might be more formal when written to management. A wide range of tones due diverse audience. Usually informal when written to friends informal to coworkers, more formal to management. The largest involves multicultural readers.
Speed or Delivery time Determined by a company’s in-house mail procedures. Memos could be delivered within hours or days. Often instantaneous, usually within minutes. Delays can be caused by system malfunctions or excessively large attachments.
Attachments Hard-copy attachment can be stapled to a memo or enclosed within an envelope Size is not an issue. Complimentary copies can be sent to other readers by way of the company’s mail system. Computer word processing files, HTML files and Web links, PDF files, or downloadable graphics can be attached to e-mail. Complimentary copies can be sent to other readers. Size of the file is an issue, because large documents can crash a reader’s system. A good rule of thumb is to limit files to 750 kilobytes (k).
Length A typical memo is no longer than one printed page (81/2× 11 inches). An effective e-mail message is limited to one viewable screen (requiring no scrolling)
Security If a company’s mail delivery system is reliable, the memo will be secure. Memos can be delivered within a sealed envelope. No one else will see the memo unless the reader or writer shares it. E-mail systems are not secure. E-mail can be tampered with, read by others. And sent to many people. E-mail stays within a company’s computer backup system and is the property of the company. Therefore, e-mail is not private

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