Oil Mill Internship Report

Internship Report



Mr. Affan Uddin

Lecturer (MS)

Submitted By:

Mirza Ghalib Ali


Department of Management sciences

COMSATS University Islamabad

Vehari Campus


I MIRZA GHALIB ALI Student ID CIIT/FA15-BBA-015/VHR Hereby confirm that the Internship report I have provided is solely my own effort. I did not copy my report partially or completely from any other student or from any other source either against payment or free and I did not provide any plagiarized material in any section of my report. I further confirm that the documents (internship completion certificate & evaluation form) that I have provided are genuine (i.e. not forge/fake) and have been issued by the authorized person in the organization. If I am found guilty of misstating, misleading or concealing the facts about my activities (either academic or non-academic but relevant to this course) at any stage, the university is authorized to take disciplinary action against me according to university policies and regulations.

I hereby also confirm that I have carefully read and understood all the guidelines, rules and regulations

Provided by the course instructor or supervisor. I assure that I will follow the instructions regarding presentation & viva voce and will appear on the scheduled date for presentation & viva voce which will be intimated to me by the Course Instructor or supervisor. In case of any negligence, I shall be held responsible.




Internship Certificate


“I dedicated this internship Report to my family, Teachers and to each person who coordinated with me”, because;

  • Whatever I am today it’s because of my parents.
  • My teachers made me eligible enough to face different challenges and win those challenges.


All praise to Allah Almighty, the most merciful, the most compassionate, who enabled me to complete this task.

 I would like to express grateful thanks to our parents and instructors whose outstanding teaching skills, breath of knowledge and counseling assured this project’s clarify and completeness.

 I especially want to pay my gratitude to teachers, department of Management Sciences Who has enriched, nurtured and groomed me.

I am also thankful to Staff at SS oil Mills ltd who gave me their precious time and entertained my queries with full concentration, despite constant daily routine office work.

Specially, I would like to thanks Syed Ameer Ali Shah who help me to avail this opportunity.

Sir Ameer Ali (GM) who supervise me during Internship duration.

Sir Adeel Ahmed who serve a lot of time and effect for us to guide and teach us during internship at HR department.

Sir Saif and sir Usman at HRIS department Human resource information system department.

Sir Ahmed At recruitment and selection.

I am highly thankful to the team members of Human Resource department of SS OIL MILLS ltd Vehari Pakistan who are really Co-operated with me and provide me their complete supervision.

Executive summary

S.S. Oil Mills Ltd has an advanced Edible Oil Solvent Extraction Plant, arranged at Vehari. The undertaking consolidates the most recent procedures of handling, oilseed stockpiling and quality control frameworks to guarantee a reliably elevated requirement in its items. The plant’s ability for handling of oilseeds is 90,000 M. Tons per annum.

The Company was consolidated on August 21, 1990 as a Public Limited Company and its offers are cited on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. The essential protest of the Company is to bear on the matter of Extracting, Refining, Processing and offer of Edible Oil, Meal and bye items. Report also mirrors the administration capacities in detail that is POLC (Planning, Organizing, leading, and Controlling).

Amid my temporary position I have been turned to various branch of the association is

1) HR and Administration division

2) Finance/Account division

Table of Contents


Internship Certificate. 3


Acknowledgement. 6

Executive summary. 7

Introduction and Background of S.S. Oil Mills Ltd.. 10

Vision. 11

Mission. 11

Nature of the business. 11


Neutlizer: 11

Bleacher: 12

Auto Clay: 12

Deodorization: 12

Final Filtration: 12

Business Volume. 13

Product Lines. 13

Background: 13

The Manufacturing Process. 14

Cleaning and grinding. 14

Pressing. 14

Extracting additional oil with solvents. 14

Removing solvent traces. 15

Refining the oil 15

Packaging the oil 16

HRM department. 16

Other Departments. 16

Function of the Departments. 17

Analysis. 18

Swot analysis. 18

Critical Analysis. 19

Marketing Strategy. 20

Above the Line. 20

Blow the line. 20

Marketing Operations. 20

Hierarchy of Marketing Department of SS OIL MILLS.. 22

Learning as student intern. 23

My internship program.. 23


Detailed Description of the operation assigned to me. 26




References: 31

Introduction and Background of S.S. Oil Mills Ltd

S.S. Oil Mills Ltd has a modern Edible Oil Solvent Extraction Plant, situated at Vehari. The project incorporates the latest techniques of processing, oilseed storage and quality control systems to ensure a consistently high standard in its products. The plant’s capacity for processing of oilseeds is 90,000 M. Tons per annum.

The Company was incorporated on August 21, 1990 as a Public Limited Company and its shares are quoted on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. The principal object of the Company is to carry on the business of Extracting, Refining, Processing and sale of Edible Oil, Meal and bye products.

The area which comes to non-production area consists of offices, lawn and parking facilities. They have their own nursery as well. SS OIL MILLS has very attractive outlook. There are variety of plants and flowers in the lawn and nursery of this industry.

Different sections like stores, printing and packaging (of different sizes) come in production area.

SS OIL MILLS is not incorporated in stock exchange. It has 100 tons capacity of per day but they are currently using 50 percent of their total capacity.

Company Name:S.S. Oil Mills Limited
Date of Establishment:August 21, 1990
Registration No.:0022304
National Tax Number:0226239-8
Office Address           :2-Tipu Block, Garden Town, Lahore
Contact Person:Khawaja Nadeem Abbas
Seed Crushing Capacity:300 M. Tons Per Day
Bankers:The Bank of Punjab
 :Silk Bank Ltd.
 :MCB Bank Limited
 :Soneri Bank Ltd.
 :NIB Bank Ltd.
Our Group of Companies:Standard Spinning Mills (Pvt.) Limited
 :Sikandar Commodities (Pvt.) Limited
 :Standard Edible Oil Mills (Pvt.) Limited
 :S.S Feeds Mills (Pvt.) Limited 


Towards self-reliance in the production of Edible Oil.


Our mission is to strengthen the economy by curtailing the import of value added edible oil by producing edible oil in the country.

Nature of the business

SS OIL MILLS Pvt Ltd is essentially an assembling association. Vegetable ghee and cooking oil is set up as per the guidelines set by Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). This vegetable ghee/cooking oil producing concern is an individual from PVMA (Pakistan Vanaspati maker’s affiliation).

Vegetable ghee is set up from Palm Oil, Palm Olien, Cotton Seed Oil as well as Soya Bean Oil. These fixings are obtained from nearby or global market, handled, arranged and after that bundled Vanaspati ghee as per PSQCA standard available to be purchased.


SS OIL MILLS produces Vegetable Cooking oil and Laundry Soap as a bye product. The major ingredients of Modern ghee are Palm oil, Palm Olien, Cottonseed oil /or Soya bean oil and the major ingredients of Modern Cooking oil are Canola oil, Sunflower oil or potentially Soya bean oil. These things are acquired from national and worldwide market. Handled, arranged and after that bundled by PSQCA standard available to be purchased. In production process the imported oil& national oil is stored in storage. This industry has 8 storage tanks. The total storage capacity of these tanks is 4320 M. ton. Per tank storage capacity is 540 M ton. In Pakistan this industry is the second big storage capacity in ghee &cooking oil industry the first step is the removal of gummy matter such as phospholipids and lipoproteins etc. From raw soybean or cottonseed oil. It is accomplished by exposing the oil to water and adding the phosphoric acid at 50oC. As a result precipitate of gum is generated which is removed from the,


Pre-neutralization process is done to remove FFA from raw oil. Caustic Soda solution proportionate to FFA is mixed with oil. This results in the neutralization of the FFA. The resulting soap stock is allowed to settle and then drained out from the refining kettle. Three hot water washings are given to remove residual soap.


The purpose of oil bleaching is to eliminate its coloring pigments through the adsorption on bleaching earth. Pak earth is used for bleaching because of its excellent adsorption power.

The bleached oil containing pak earth is passed through a series of filter presses to remove the spent earth.

Auto Clay:

Hydrogenation process, is, the hardening of oil to. Reduce its saturation. At the same time, it improves the stability of the product against its oxidation. Chemically, the degree of un-saturation decreases by passing hydrogen gas through oil in-the presence of nickel catalyst at 150oC.


The vast majority of the putrid substances ‘alongside FFA, sterols, to sticks, soaked and unsaturated hydrocarbons and pesticides are stripped out by infusing dry steam into oil at235 – 245oC. Citrus extract is likewise added to evacuate the scent. After aeration, the freshened up oil is cooled in the decoder to around 85oC. The staying rotten substances are evacuated amid the de-cooling under vacuum. In the wake of cooling the hard oil is gone through a last channel press called “Clean Filter”, which expels UN broke down citrus extract, remaining particles of the pak earth: or nickel impetus, and some other fine debasements. It additionally lessens the power of the last shade of the oil/ghee.

Final Filtration:

After deodorization process the oil is passed through the final filtration.

Finished Storage Tanks:

Then the oil is store in the finished storage tanks.

Packing section:

In this section the Ghee is charged to the packing section. All the packing is done with the automatic machines.

Cold Store:

The Ghee is refined at high temperature so it is most important step of the oil manufacturing. In cold room high compressor is use for cooling.

Laboratory tests:

For providing the good quality banaspati ghee in the market the oil is tests din the laboratory according to the Pakistan standard and quality control.

Business Volume

The current average sale of SS OIL MILLS is 2500-3000 M. Tons per month. Thus the total turnover is 155-185 million rupees per year.

Product Lines

SS OIL MILLS has simple product lines in the field of Vegetable oil, Cooking oil and Laundry soap. Banaspati ghee and cooking oil product lines consist of SS Banaspati, SS cooking oil and SS OIL MILLS Pakwaan oil.

  • SS OIL MILL product line / packing range PACKING RANGE PRODUCT BANASPATI
  • Tin Packs16 Kg Tin10 Kg Tin5 Kg Tin2.5 Kg Tin Bucket Packs
  • 16 Kg B/C10 Kg B/C5 Kg B/C2.5 Kg B/C Carton Packs
  • 10 Kg C/N 12 Kg C/N
  • 1 Kg X 10Pouches½ X 20 Pouches¼ X 40 Pouches1 Kg X 12 Pouches½ Kg X 24 Pouches¼ X 48 Pouches.


Cooking oil comprises of consumable vegetable oils got from olives, peanuts, and Sun blossoms, to give some examples of the numerous plants that are utilized. Fluid at room temperature, cooking oils are some of the time included amid the planning of prepared sustenance’s. They are likewise used to sear sustenance’s and to make plate of mixed greens dressing. Individuals in numerous locales started to process vegetable oils a large number of years prior, using whatever nourishment stuffs they had close by to get oils for an assortment of cooking purposes. Early people groups figured out how to utilize the sun, a fire, or a broiler to warm sleek plant items until the point that the plants oozed oil that could then be gathered. The Chinese and Japanese delivered soy oil as right on time as 2000 B.C, while southern Europeans had started to create olive oil by 3000 B.C. In Mexico and North America, peanuts and sunflower seeds were broiled and beaten into a glue before being bubbled in water; the oil that rose to the surface was then skimmed off. Africans likewise ground and beat palm bits and coconut meat and after that heated up the subsequent mash, skimming the hot oil off the water. Some oil shave end up accessible as of late, as extraction innovation has progressed. Corn oil originally ended up accessible during the 1960s. Cotton oil, watermelon seed oil, grape seed oil, and others are presently being considered as approaches to make utilization of seeds that were, as of not long ago, thought to be squander.

The Manufacturing Process

Some vegetable oils, for example, olive, nut, and some coconut and sunflower oils, are chilly squeezed. This strategy, which involves insignificant handling, creates light, delightful oil appropriate for some cooking needs. Most oil sources, be that as it may, are not appropriate for chilly squeezing, since it would leave numerous bothersome follow components in the oil, making it be odiferous, unpleasant tasting, or dim. These oils experience numerous means past insignificant extraction to deliver dull, clear, and predictable oil.

Cleaning and grinding

1. Incoming oil seeds are passed over magnets to remove any trace metal before being de hulled; DE skinned, or otherwise stripped of all extraneous material. In the case of cotton, the ginned seeds must be stripped of their lint as well as de hulled. In the case of corn, the kernel must undergo milling to separate the germ.

2. The stripped seeds or nuts are then ground into coarse meal to provide more surface area to be pressed. Mechanized grooved rollers or hammer mills crush the material to the proper consistency. The meal is then heated to facilitate the extraction of the oil. While the procedure allows more oil to be pressed out, more impurities are also pressed out with the oil, and these must be removed before the oil can be deemed edible.


3. The warmed supper is then nourished constantly into a screw squeeze, which expands the weight dynamically as the dinner goes through an opened barrel. Weight for the most part increments from 68,950 to 20, 6850 kilopascals as the oil is pressed out from the spaces in the barrel, where it very well may be recouped.

Extracting additional oil with solvents

4. Soybeans are normally not squeezed at all before dissolvable extraction, since they have moderately little oil, however most oil seeds with more oil are squeezed and dissolvable treated. After the underlying oil has been recouped from the screw press, the oil cake staying in the press is prepared by dissolvable extraction to accomplish the most extreme yield. An unstable hydrocarbon (most ordinarily hexane) breaks up the oil out of the oil cake, or, in other words by refining the light dissolvable out. The Blow Knox Rot cell is utilized to meet the requests of the United States soybean oil industry. In utilizing this machine, drops of feast are sent through wedge-molded cells of a round and hollow vessel. The dissolvable at that point goes through the issue to be gathered at the base. Likewise still being used by a critical number of makers is the Bellman or Hansa-Muhle unit, in which oilseed pieces are put in punctured containers that flow constantly. The dissolvable permeates through the issue which is intermittently dumped and supplanted.

Removing solvent traces

5. 90% of the dissolvable staying in the removed oil just vanishes, and, as it does, it is gathered for reuse. The rest is recovered with the utilization of a stripping section. The oil is bubbled by steam, and the lighter hexane coasts upward. As it consolidates, it, as well, is gathered.

Refining the oil

6. The oil is next refined to evacuate shading, scent, and sharpness. Refining comprises of warming the oil to somewhere in the range of 107 and 188 degrees Fahrenheit (40 and 85 degrees Celsius) and blending an antacid substance, for example, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate with it. Cleanser shapes from the undesired unsaturated fats and the antacid added substance, and it is generally evacuated by rotator. The oil is additionally washed to evacuate hints of cleanser and after that dried.

7. Oils are likewise degummed as of now by treating them with water warmed to somewhere in the range of 188 and 206 degrees Fahrenheit (85 and 95 degrees Celsius), steam, or water with corrosive. The gums, a large portion of which are phosphatides, accelerate out, and the leftovers are expelled by rotator.

8. Oil that will be warmed (for use in cooking) is then blurred by isolating it through more fall’s earth, sanctioned carbon, or started soil’s that ingest certain pigmented material from the oil. By distinction, oil that will encounter refrigeration (since it is normal for plate of blended greens dressing, for example) is winterized immediately chilled and filtered to empty waxes. This technique ensures that the oil won’t for the most part solidify in the fridge.9. At long last, the oil is freshened up. In this procedure, steam is ignored hot oil in a vacuum at somewhere in the range of 440 and 485 degrees Fahrenheit (225 and 250 degrees Celsius), therefore permitting the unpredictable taste and smell parts to distil from the oil. Regularly, citrus extract at. 01 percent is additionally added to oil after freshening up to inactivate follow metals that may advance oxidation inside the oil and subsequently abbreviate its time span of usability.

Packaging the oil

10. The totally prepared oil is then estimated and filled clean compartments, generally plastic jugs for household oils to be sold in markets, glass bottles for imports or residential oils to be sold in claim to fame stores, or jars for imports (normally olive oil).


  • SS Canola oil
  • SS sunflower oil
  • SS soybean oil
  • SS canola meal
  • SS sunflower meal
  • SS soybean meal

HRM department

HRM department of SS OIL MILLS Ltd is not doing working as HRM of common organizations because the most Practice of SS OIL MILLS Ltd are complex in nature with other and sub division in HRM is according to as it Requirement and nature of operation.


Purpose is to deliver effective and completive workforce in organization.

  • To develops the coordination among all departments in the organization.
  • Negotiations, execution and administration of OIL Company Employees and a staff.
  • To make the thing and all information regarding to human resource up to Date.
  • To run all the operation, practice, polices smoothly it is consider so important.
  • Liaison and Co-ordination with fields, refineries, transporters and buyer.

Other Departments

· Production

· Finance

· Human Resource

· Data Acquisition System

· Process & Plants

· Medical Services

Function of the Departments

During the internship in SS OIL MILLS Ltd we are introduced by the four sub department of Human resource management we are asked to visit and every department for one week in each department. Sub department in HRM in SS OIL MILLS Ltd.

  • HRD (human resource development)
  • Recruitment
  • Human resource (selection-section)
  • HRIS

Collaborate with different pioneers of the organization in all Human Resource related exercises including hierarchical advancement, preparing, administration improvement, progression arranging, pay designs, documentation, etc. Creating and usage of HR methodologies and activities lined up with the general business system Bolster current and future business needs through the improvement, commitment, inspiration and protection of human capital Create and screen generally speaking HR techniques, frameworks, strategies and systems over the association Extension administration and worker relations by tending to requests, complaints or different issues Deal with the enrollment and choice process Oversee and deal with an execution evaluation framework that drives superior Build up and execute enlistment, determination and pre-business methods as per Company approach. Break down preparing and improvement needs at all levels and facilitate for the structure of projects. Help workers and the administration with vocation arranging and guiding by developing profession way. Create and actualize execution examination programs, progression arranging and labor stock projects for the correct supply of hopefuls. Survey every disciplinary activity and build up a complaint program for fast goals of representative issues. Managing Government Agencies (work division, EOBI, Social Security, and so on.). Build up a yearly division spending plan. Audit all representative mischance reports and give proposals to future deterrent measures. Sort out all representative diversion programs, including Eid Party, picnics, Annual Function and Sports occasion. Persistently screen neighborhood enactment, legitimate choices and labor patterns.

HRIS (human resource information system)

IN this office we get chance with work with Usman Ahmed. He clarified about Human asset data framework. In HRIS office all date is made electronic by utilizing two programming (Oracle) and (FMS) for managing benefits cases was presented as of late a year ago. Profit have diverse module which are utilized in various division of the association however HR module is utilized in HR office. Every one of the PCs are associated with principle server in the office. Its arrangement all kind of information and cases like preparing, advancement, encounter, family data and cases, letters, and joining of the new workers. HRIS works begin by accepting letters from the diverse bureaus of association. HRIS is spine of association so making coordination among the Human asset.

Attendance and leave management system

Each division in the association is in charge of its participation anyway it likewise have electronic access framework. Each representative have exceptional card for enter in the association it is additionally wellspring of overseeing participation in the association.

Training and development department

The purpose training and devolvement to enhance the skill and knowledge of employees to make them effective workers of organization. SS OIL MILLS Ltd department supervisors are responsible for promotion of their staff.


Swot analysis


  • The primary quality of SS OIL mark is that it is the biggest offering brand in Pakistan.
  • Due to upkeep of value, condition and nourishment security SS OIL MILLS Limited five times granted with ISO standard.
  • SS OIL MILS Limited is the first to get ISO 22000 guaranteed ghee and cooking oil fabricating in Pakistan


  • The main problem is that its packaging is very old. Now these days peoples considered that good packaged brands have good product.
  • SS OIL MILL also suffers with image problem. Because of this it is considered as an old brand.


  • The company can get more cash by introducing new products because they have large no of market in Pakistan.
  • Peoples in the Pakistan are persuaded towards the branded products.
  •  To gain market in health conscious people the fat free oil is still popular.
  • Peoples are switching to brand offering vitamin and cholesterol free qualities because they are becoming health conscious. 


  • Due to the fluctuating in the world prices the whole market of oil is falling.
  • The upper income customers considered that oil is an old fashion.
  • With the passage of time many competitors are entered into the market.
  • These competitors are high risk with respect to the quality and price factors.

Critical Analysis

This examination is made reference to individually target reality and trade with staff in the midst of my entrance level position. As shown by my examination program, I have found that Human Resource and Administration division expect a key employment in an affiliation. This division set destinations and objectives of the affiliation and set up criteria, techniques, frameworks to achieve these targets. Nevertheless, the SS OIL MILLS is nonappearance of this division in its real shape. Its organization considers the HR practices as chairman and HR division and HR essential spotlight is on selection, assurance, compensation, and evaluation. That is the reason there is no qualified, capable chairman executive. The HR overseer is moreover given extra commitment of association and HR manager in view of its extraordinary working reputation. That executive generally thinks specialist’s compensation, enlistment decision and appraisal. He is furthermore to a great degree unstable for staff immediacy and remains on round after around a chance to check the working of delegates. On the other hand because of nonattendance of this office, laborers are almost no content with the business. In the midst of my stay there, I saw that there were three workplaces (HR office, Administration division and advancing and bargains office) controlled by single boss Mr. Munawar. Regardless, in view of joblessness they have to do work. There is no real leave (event) system for administrators in the business. Departmental correspondence is furthermore not through settled system.

Marketing Strategy

Vision that is a critical piece of the any association through which association thought about itself later on time. We can likewise say that it is want of each association. This is the future system and it must be clear and SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Framed). It is better the amount it is SMART. These future arrangement and systems are made by the best administration who dependably assume a job in the market for the survival of the firm. To accomplish their objectives they made distinctive methodologies. One of essential methodology is advertising. Great advertising is need of each association in the cutting edge world. Advertisers utilize numerous sorts of promoting apparatuses. SS OIL MILLS Limited utilized two kinds of advertising apparatus that are,

Above the Line

They use different advertising and promotions on TV and Cable.

Blow the line

They use Poster, Boarding, Banners, Hangers, Wall Clocks, Key Chains, Diaries, Calendars, Pump Flits, Brushers and Stickers.

Marketing Operations

No organization can make do without fund. In SS, budgetary division gives essential assets to Manufacture and market Vanaspati ghee/cooking oil that satisfies the client requests and needs. Vital assets are given to generation division to build up an item that takes care of the market demand. SS OIL MILL utilizes dispersion framework for smooth showcasing tasks. Merchants are delegated by the Sales and promoting division in a particular domain. At present, in excess of 100 wholesalers are working with the organization. Deals and showcasing division takes orders from these wholesalers at that point Company’s armada of transport conveys these requests/stocks to merchant with no cargo cost. Wholesalers disperse/exchange these stocks to retailers and clients in their predefined domain with help of organization’s limited time/exposure material and deals constrain. In this manner SS OIL showcases their items from the purpose of root to the point of offer even to the point of utilization through the above-determined promoting activities. SS OIL MILLS market their brands through distribution network in all cities of Southern Punjab and major cities of Upper Punjab. Distributors are appointed by observing/analyses of their financial condition and past ghee business experience. Distributors lift their stocks as per their set focus for the month. As per organization approach, organization offers a credit breaking point of 15 days from the date conveyance to merchants. Anyway wholesalers may lift stocks on money installment premise with an advantage/markdown of Rs. 5/16 Kg ghee. Mostly the company delivers these stocks thorough their fleet of transport consisting 20 Mazda & Hino trucks. Distributors resell/distribute these stocks to retailers and customers in their specified territory/market with allowed profit margin.

SS OIL MILLS give attention material (Banners, Posters, Publicity cushion/Cash notices, Calendars and Wall timekeepers) to wholesalers, utilizes huge and little sign loads up, electronic loads up and link advertisements for the advancement of their items. Organization deals agents present/advertise organization items with help of wholesalers. They speak to their organization and items. Deals agents likewise guarantee the simple accessibility organization items in the market. So this is the means by which the advertising activities of SS OIL MILLS keep running for smooth conveyance of organization items to clients.


Sales & marketing department of SS OIL MILLS is guided and monitored by the sales &marketing manager and it works under the supervision of General Manager.

Number of Employees Working in the Marketing Department

30 employees are working in the Sales & Marketing department. The main posts are Sales & Marketing manager, Brand managers, Sales officers, Sales supervisors, Sales representatives and Sales man.

Hierarchy of Marketing Department of SS OIL MILLS


The promoting target of SS OIL MILS is essentially to advise and influence individuals. The organization utilizes print, electronic and open air media for promoting. Advertisements are Published in “The Daily Khabrain, The Daily Express and the Daily Nawa-y-Waqat” on some extraordinary events. Link publicizing is broadcasted in various urban areas of Southern Punjab or in the urban areas where the organization advertise their brands. Moreover, Modern uses enormous sign sheets, pennants, printed container flex sheets, shop sheets; Mazda/hino trucks with painting promotions and exceptional divider chalking for open air publicizing.

Future Prospects of the Organization

SS OIL MILLS has taken a successful start and is now planning to broaden their exposure having following future prospects:

  • To expand their market and to penetrate more in the existing market.
  • To launch media war (electronic media, print media and public relations program) on national level to create a positive company image and identity.
  • To improve their quality standard by producing a uniform quality level of all major products.

Competitors of SS OIL MILLS Ltd

These are the competitors of SS OIL MILLS Ltd that are QADIR cooking oil and banaspati, HOOR cooking oil and banaspati, SUFI cooking oil and banaspati , SOYA supreme cooking oil , DALDA cooking oil and banaspati, SULTAN cooking oil and banaspati.

Finance & Accounts Department

The arrangement of finance is the basic responsibility of this department. Moreover accounts functions are also responsibility of this department. This department control all the cash related functions and banks dealing along with Government taxes.

Production Department:

The generation branch of the organization isn’t just to satisfy the required stock however it likewise acts like as nature of items, and control of the general task of the creation action. It centers to tie up with the work routine, quality and amount of the results.

Generation division is totally lined up with the administration office at each stage.

Learning as student intern

My internship program

Introduction to Branch where I worked in Human resource Department it consist of 4 sub Sectors which are HRD, HR section, Recruitment and HRIS during my internship program work under the So many supervisors and officer.

During the internship program we briefly learn the work from all sub department of HRM in the organization, we solved cases, explores files, analyses data, screening application, learn and read different criteria’s in which organization work. Environment in the organization was so learning for us. We learn a lot under the supervision of qualified staff and managers.


Detailed Description of the operations/activities of the departments

•     I began my entry level position in HR and Admin Department. This office is the foundation of administration. This division controls all the real exercises.

•     Major Functions of this division are as:

•     Check and control of representatives is obligation of this division. A couple of chief takes round after at times and check the working of each worker.

•     This division additionally checks the working of time keeping office. The every day participation of the representative’s approaching and active planning of every worker is likewise recorded.

•     This office additionally controls the general execution of the administrators and aides them where it is expected to steam line their work.

•     This division likewise controls the security protects given by private security organization.

•     This office likewise controls the sweeper and guarantees well and appropriate cleaning in the SS OIL MILL.

•     The control of vehicles for office work and their support is additionally duty of this division.

•     The managing Government Officials is a vital obligation of this division.

•     This division additionally keeps record of execution of every representative. Furthermore, the motivations depend on this record of execution. The missteps are additionally recorded in the individual document of every worker.

•     This office likewise masterminds wellbeing and security measures for the workers.

•     The Admin division is likewise joined with HR office. So it likewise plays out the elements of HR division.

•     This division indicates the obligations of the every representative. The expected set of responsibilities is given to every representative at the season of his preparation and he will undoubtedly settle his/her these capacities. Also he is exhorted not to bother or meddle others matters. On the off chance that a worker feels some issue or vagueness, he/she should illuminate to his seniors or head of office. So the issue might be resolve bitterly.

•     This office likewise organizes many instructional courses to the representatives. So the representatives may comfortable with new patterns and oversee them in like manner. A few times 2-3 hours gatherings are masterminded this reason.

•     This division additionally gets CV from outer intrigued hopefuls. The CV’s are checked on. On the off chance that someone cleared out then the competitors are chosen from these hopefuls.

•     This office profoundly looks on each worker’s obligation and his/her reaction to the obligation. Either the worker is doing his activity and meeting his position objectives or not.

•     SS OIL MILLS Ltd has modest number of changeless workers. More representatives are dealing with consistent schedule. Those are not given significantly more offices and motivating force. So the left the activity. Along these lines, this office masterminds every day compensation workers. Once in a while no opportunity is satisfied in no time and work is completed by present specialists by utilizing diverse strategies. Yet, the enlisting of these day by day compensation representatives is persistent work of this office.

•     The administration of wages and pay rates of staff is the fundamental obligation of this division. More over which motivators are given to which classes of workers, this basic leadership was likewise a component of this office. Be that as it may, overseeing executive is the last specialist to settle on the choice.

•     After this, I worked in Finance and Accounts division. This division is in charge of all real fund and bookkeeping activities. Some of them are:

•     Arrangement of back for day by day running exercises

•     Availability of assets for pay rates, wages and significant costs like power and so on Daily collection report

  • Daily disbursement report
  • Maintenance of  ledger
  • Record Keeping and filing
  • Feeding of vouchers in computer software
  • Reconciliation of banks
  • Maintenance of creditors
  • Arrangement of payments for creditors
  • Maintenance of stock
  • Maintenance of inventory
  • Submissions of EOBI, Social security
  • Payment of Govt. Taxes
  • Monthly Stock Taking
  • Correspondence with major parties

Detailed Description of the operation assigned to me

In the HR and Admin division I was appointed to do every day work that included watching the, checking of participation and timings of the staff. I was dole out to check the working of time keeping division and record every day participation of the representative’s approaching and active planning. I used to keep record of execution of every representative. It was my obligation to check and control the representative and takes round after at times and checked the working of each worker and reports the HR chief about their issues. I was allot to control vehicles for office work and report the HR supervisor about the support. I was relegate to check the day by day compensation laborers (security protect, sweeper and so forth.) are playing out their work legitimately. I used to visit all offices and check the execution of the specialist, if any contention were raised inside the division; I needed to illuminate the HR Manager about it. I am grateful to Mr. Munawar-ud-racket the administrator of HR and Admin office who helped me to play out every one of these employments.

The back division is a primary office which all exchange identified with fund, for example, current money exchange, gauging and planning and get ready record books on day by day for review reason. My first day in the record office, I begin manual working and given a fundamental work. In the following day I begin to turn in various head of records and getting huge measure of data through functional working. In this office I arranged Cash Receipt, Cash Payment and diary Vouchers and after that feed in the PC programming. The Finance and Accounts Manger Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed is exceptionally able individual and he helped me to play out this activity.



Organization planning strategy

By the dialog I came at that the mission of the SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted is to mind the strength of the shoppers by consistently creates and deliver quality items that meet the clients and markets requests, perfect with pertinent administrative necessities. Vision of the SS OIL MILLS (pvt) constrained is to make the best nature of the oil and oil businesses. Objectives of the SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted are to draw out the organization from budgetary emergencies and guarantee the nature of the oil at each progression of creation to mind the strength of the clients. Its will likely enhance the proficiency and lesson of the workers and to expand the piece of the overall industry and to arrange and used the wastage in better way. Key arranging of SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted needs to catch the greatest offers of the oil showcase by giving better quality to take care of the customers demand. In the contender examination the organization see that how might they take edge over their rivals. To the extent the contenders of SS OIL MILLS (pvt) constrained are worried there are numerous contenders of SS OIL MILLS in ghee advertise. Organization is getting aggressive edge by spotlights on client’s wellbeing and delivering quality items that meet the clients’ prerequisites.

Decision making process:

Settling on a decent choice by reliably can acquire achievement association. At the departmental level administrators of the SS OIL MILLS (pvt) take choices yet for the huge venture choices are taken by the overseeing chief of the SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted. 



In SS OIL MILLS (Pvt) Limited four divisions are build up and their working freely. According to my examination they are arranging their day by day schedule work effetely. Anyway before settling on any sort of basic choice, concern office chief arrange with overseeing executive.

Chain of command

                                                           HR Manager

                                                          Admin Officer

                                                   Assistant Admin officer



There are 20 workers under HR & Admin Department. Their breakup is as:

                                                        Admin Officer                                   1

                                                   Assistant Admin officer                          1

                                                            Supervisor                                    3

                                                               Workers                                   15

Centralization / decentralization

SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted pursue the example of decentralization aside from the situations where centralization is required. Top administration plans a general strategy for the organization, and after that the offices and divisions from their very own procedures as indicated by that approach and the methodologies are conveyed to customers and administration, they are allowed to utilize techniques to accomplish that objective subject to the parameters of different laws overseeing the matter of organization.

Work Specialization

In SS OIL MILLS (Pvt) Limited works are overseen effetely all staff significantly higher administration have finish detail set of working responsibilities. All Standard Operating Procedures are composed and properly endorsed by higher administration (overseeing executive).

Managing change & innovation

The organization has an administration segment headed by Mr. Munawar. The office has the best warnings in it that have a considerable measure of understanding. They generally set the last 2 or 3 years execution before them and in meeting of top managerial staff and the senior administration staff investigation it and afterward settle on choice for the following year plane.

Managing IT and communication

IT is the key concern now day as each one of the affiliations depend upon it. They for the most part hand-off on it. Taint they have a DATA BASE behind it. Whole the work is being performed on that DATA BASE. With the objective that the security is the most concern. Consequently we use fire divider plans and intruder ready systems mystery key anchored customers with the objective that no unconcerned individual could access to the data base or other information. Likewise we have programming fashioners and the hard item master to think about the whole IT frameworks.


Leadership style

Administration style that is utilizing in the SS OIL MILLS (pvt) constrained Authoritarian or imperious. Be that as it may, at the departmental level majority rule style of administration is being utilized.

Power and politics

Power that is utilizing in SS OIL MILLS constrained authentic. Since organization’s representatives are remunerated on great execution and rebuffed on awful execution and the legislative issues strategic maneuvers a job, for example, in the activity days whose are the relations with upper experts they are effectively chosen other are do nothing and furthermore in the event of any mix-up/issue each division chief endeavor to fault other whether it’s their blame or not.


In the SS OIL MILLS (pvt) obliged, laborers are moved by giving them affirmation or interest (when delegate achieved something the affirmation is appreciation for that achievement.), compensates that is basic pay of their multi month, progression, by training and giving them getting ready. In this association agents are impelled by giving them thankfulness letter.


Controlling approach

SS OIL MILLS (pvt) constrained maintained with the mindful and particular methodology while going out on a limb administration and quality affirmation administration. SS OIL MILLS embraced all-encompassing methodology.

Controlling standards

Each branch of SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted has its own standard as indicated by SS OIL MILLS (pvt) principles and controls. Enhance quality and assembling process. Notwithstanding PSQCA, the organization is likewise actualizing quality in assembling process.

Controlling of operations

Activities are being controlled by all the specific laborers in the SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted. Generation administrator controls of the general task of the creation movement. It centers to tie up with the work routine, quality and amount of the results.

Controlling of performance

The execution of SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted ought to be assessed with reference to social duty and lawful edge work. Produce process and specialists proficiency has been checked by the director of SS OIL MILLS (pvt) restricted. 

Controlling of information/knowledge

Data assumes a fundamental job in the accomplishment of any association. SS OIL MILLS restricted dependably endeavor to stay up with the latest with the present circumstance of the market and government new approaches. In the wake of knowing the new data supervisor applies those principles and controls in the organization. That data is vital for supervisor, their representatives and furthermore for the organization.


In my perspective, the inner setup and working example isn’t sufficient all around created with respect to the administration. There is absence of some administration capacities like arranging, sorting out, driving and controlling. This kind of thing comes in vital arranging. In this way, in general organization should center on key arranging in which every one of these things come. Be that as it may, to the outer condition, the organization has all around rumored picture in general society. It is by all accounts functioning admirably as indicated by the market circumstance. It had caught a vast volume of piece of the overall industry. One good thing is that they know how to make and hold clients as indicated by market incline. Thus, they listen clients gripes and fathomed them on need premise. They put stock in quality not amount. Organization is particularly cognizant about the fulfillment of the clients and their quality item. All the staff of the organization is additionally exceptionally helpful to the client and work with coordination for better quality.

  • Organization is doing great its business. Be that as it may, there is constantly requirement for development in each framework.
  • In this way, I propose following proposals for the organization. On the off chance that the organization receives them, I figure it can build organization income.
  • They should have separate office for advertising, deals, HR, and organization
  • A worker well-disposed condition must be made. In this way, worker’s little oversights ought to be overlooked.
  • A site is extremely important for organization now daily. As all other ghee organizations are giving web based booking office to the clients.
  • Timeliness of laborers and solid correspondence between offices must be guaranteed.
  • Free battle about the affirmation of item.
  • Bundling style is old and should be changed (like Dalda has as of late presented an oil bottle with intelligent highlights).




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