Supply chains have been upended. Here’s how to make them more resilient

Supply chain visibility is crucial to understanding the impact of disruption. Digitizing records will make supply chains more resilient to future shocks. Block-chain will help ensure data privacy for suppliers. In the wake of supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus, several experts have reiterated the need to obtain more visibility across the chain. Companies whoContinue reading “Supply chains have been upended. Here’s how to make them more resilient”

Stunning iPhone 12 design video shows Apple’s new leaked color

Apple’s iPhone 12 will feature a major redesign, marking the first time in three years that Apple will release a new iPhone model with an updated design. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models Apple releases in 2020 will feature a new look with flat metal edges reminiscent of the iPhone 5’s belovedContinue reading “Stunning iPhone 12 design video shows Apple’s new leaked color”

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 MEMOS VERSUS E-MAIL:MESSAGES Characteristics Memos E-mail: Messages Destination Internal: correspondence written to coworkers within a company Internal and external: correspondence written to friends and acquaintances, coworkers within a company, and clients and vendors. Format Identification lines: Date, To, From, Subject. Options include cc (complimentary copy), Ref (reference), and distribution (other recipients of the memo). IdentificationContinue reading “MEMO VS EMAIL”

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