TO:            Project Team FROM:       Project Officer DATE:        05-04-2016 SUBJECT: RECOMMANDATION COST OF A PROJECT ON SCHOOL WALLS There is low focus on education because of security reasons.  Many of Government schools exist that have broken walls and not build yet. As you all know that our company is interested to get the project ofContinue reading “Memorandum”


 MEMOS VERSUS E-MAIL:MESSAGES Characteristics Memos E-mail: Messages Destination Internal: correspondence written to coworkers within a company Internal and external: correspondence written to friends and acquaintances, coworkers within a company, and clients and vendors. Format Identification lines: Date, To, From, Subject. Options include cc (complimentary copy), Ref (reference), and distribution (other recipients of the memo). IdentificationContinue reading “MEMO VS EMAIL”

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