Listening skill

To hear attentively; Difference between listening and hearing. Listening is often confused with hearing. While hearing is a biological process that can be scientifically explained, listening is a neurological process.  A linguist distinguishes between hearings and listening, stating, “Hearing is a physiological phenomenon; listening is a psychological act.” So listening can b define as toContinue reading “Listening skill”

Oil Mill Internship Report

Internship Report S.S OIL MILLS LIMMITED Advisor Mr. Affan Uddin Lecturer (MS) Submitted By: Mirza Ghalib Ali CIIT/FA15-BBA-015/VHR Department of Management sciences COMSATS University Islamabad Vehari Campus LETTER OF UNDERTAKING I MIRZA GHALIB ALI Student ID CIIT/FA15-BBA-015/VHR Hereby confirm that the Internship report I have provided is solely my own effort. I did not copyContinue reading “Oil Mill Internship Report”

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